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It’s been 5 weeks since we started working from home, and to many people, it must have been a hard time. My friends often complain with us that they have grown too tired of not being able to go out with friends to enjoy the beautiful sunlight and blooming flowers everywhere, and everyone must cope with boring days within the walls. Even partners become fed up with each other because they have to see each other all day!

As a mother, I do not have much time to feel bored. Instead, I spend most of my time taking care of my little 2.5 year-old boy and (literally) begging him not to mess up the house (which he feels so inspired to do). Another thing that I do these days is to sew, sew and sew, whenever my husband takes over the mischievous boy. And lots of masks have been made during these days. Most of them were given to my friends, some were sent to the hospitals to help with the shortage of masks recently. I am so happy to think that I have contributed to provide masks for all.

I have made lots of masks patterns and share them for free so that anyone with basic sewing skills can make their own masks, with the belief that if everyone wears a mask, we are protecting each other from the spread of the coronavirus. I believe although homemade fabric masks can 100% protect us from catching the COVID-19 virus, they can partly do, by preventing the droplets (let out when the mask wearer coughs or sneezes) from getting into the air and finding its way to other people’s respiratory system.

I also believe that, along with social distancing and isolation, cough/sneeze etiquette and hygiene, everyone wearing masks is also an effective measure to counter the coronavirus pandemic. It is proven by the Czech scientist in a video I found on Facebook (which I do not remember the link). Czech has been quite peaceful in this COVID-19 turbulence with a relatively few number of cases, because they do all the measures the U.S, Canada and other governments do, and require everyone – yes, everybody – to wear a mask when they are out of their home.

That’s why I have been making face mask patterns to share. And I have always looked for new ways to sew face masks so that everyone, even those who do not have any sewing skill, can sew their own masks.

And I have come up with a new pattern (actually it’s only a rectangle, not a pattern at all). This face mask is so simple – with only a few straight lines – that anyone can make it.

I also made a video tutorial for this mask. Just take a look and you will find it surprisingly simple. And the bonus? A pocket for a filter. It’s great, isn’t it?

Video tutorial: How to sew a simple face mask with filter, no pattern required.

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Thank you for visting! Have fun crafting beautiful things 🙂

Now grab your scissors and start sewing. It’s time to sew masks and save lives!

Also, if you wonder what materials can be used to make face mask filter, read this post: DIY face mask filter materials

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