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I got a request from a reader from India to make her a saree pattern – and I am more than happy to do so! And the result is the Ruby saree pattern that I am sharing today!

This Ruby saree features a bateau neckline, princess seam and half sleeves. It has a very close fit – just like how you see all other saree blouses on the Internet. At first, the Indian friend told me that my Amy crop top did not work well and did not fit properly when she altered it to make the saree blouse in her first attempt. I understand that, the Amy crop top falls at the natural waistline while the saree blouse stops above that level, so the fit is not the same.

The Ruby saree blouse pattern is made by her request, and I am happy to share it with others.

And let’s see how it looks in 3D simulation:


Beautiful, isn’t it? Can you see the very beautiful seam line? I really love princess seam, because it hugs the curves so well. And because my beloved reader asked me to make the pattern in sizes so that she can make more sarees for her family members, I graded it up to size 5XL. Here’s how it looks on my size 5XL model:

Of course this is just the very basic simulation. In real life, you can add more details to make the saree blouse look better. For example, a line of buttons can be a nice addition to the back of the item.

Pattern Cutting Instruction

This dress has quite some details, some sewing novices may feel confused when it comes to cutting and attaching the pieces together. Here is how the pattern looks when you cut and tape all the pages together:

Ruby saree blouse

The pattern pieces are to be cut as follows:

A. Center Front – 1pcs

B. Side Front – 2pcs

C. Center Back – 2pcs

D. Side Back – 2pcs

E. Front Facing – 1pcs

F. Back Facing – 2pcs

G. Sleeve – 2pcs

Pattern Printing Instruction

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