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The world is now falling apart with this hateful coronavirus. I read the news every day and find my heart heavy with more and more confirmed cases and deaths. And I feel even sadder with the attitude of many people. They stock up on all neccessity just like they are seeing doomsday. Many elderly cannot get the things they need because younger and stronger people collected them all.

My mother says this is the worst thing ever happens in her 70-year long life – not the pandemic, but the panic that causes shortage of face masks, toilet paper, instant noodles and other neccessities.

I feel that we need to share more. Don’t rush to the supermarkets and grab all the toilet paper and hand sanitizers, leave some for people behind you. Don’t act like there will be nothing left if you don’t take some stuffs home. The stores will restock next day. You cannot use up a whole pack of toilet paper in just one day, right?

Now back to the main topic today.

The post that has most views on my blog recently is the one about face mask pattern. I know that it reaches people all around the world and feel so happy to see that I can help.

Many people sent me messages about not being able to follow my instruction to sew the mask because they have never sewn before. And I think I should look for a simpler pattern, one that requires less skill, and can still be protective against the (probably airborne) COVID-19 virus.

And there it is, the simplest pattern that I share with you today. It takes only a few minutes from start to finish.

Below is how the face mask pattern look when print out. Just follow the steps in my video tutorial to sew your own face mask. I can do it and I believe you can do it too!

Face mask pattern

Video tutorial: how to sew an Easy Fabric Face Mask in 15 minutes

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Video Tutorial