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Hi there,

Seems like I have overthrown the claim of the easiest face mask ever, because I have found a totally new way of making a fabric face mask which is even easier than that. You can make it – even without a sewing machine. And I have made a video showing how to hand sew the mask.

And here is a simple tutorial of this two-layer fabric mask with filter pocket.

How to sew a mask without machine

What you’ll need:

– Needle and thread

– 1 piece of fabric with measurements below

– 2 pieces of 12.5cm (5in) long elastic cord (or strips cut from old T-shirt, pantyhose, bias tape, etc., anything that you can get your hands on.

Fabric measurements:

For men, 20cm * 40cm (8in * 16in)

For women, 18cm * 36cm (7 1/8 in * 14 1/4 in)

For kids, 16cm * 32cm (6 1/4 in * 12 1/2 in)

If you want different inner and outer layer (or if your fabric pieces are too small), use two pieces of fabric half size of the dimension above (which is a square of each short side measurement).

Sewing instruction:

Step 1: Fold one short end of the fabric piece twice and sew a narrow hem. Repeat with the other end.

Step 2: Fold the fabric (right side of fabric facing in) and sew along the sides, leaving the hemmed end open.

Step 3: Turn the fabric inside out.

Step 4: Fold it in half. Mark 5cm (2in) from the center point. Pin into place.

Step 5: Open the mask out, make a box pleat from the fabric that was pinned from step 4.

Step 6: Topstitch around the side of the mask (see picture below), securing the pleat, leaving an opening at the unsewn side. This will be the point you insert your filter in.

Step 7: Attach elastic and you’ve done it, the very simple face mask that does not require a sewing machine!

How to sew a mask without machine

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Video tutorial: How to hand-sew a two-layer fabric mask with filter pocket

I definitely think that this DIY mask is better than any other masks, because it is quick to make and still has the ‘pocket’ to put the filter in for extra protection. It only requires a small piece of fabric (and as I have tried, a pillow cover can make up to 8 masks of this type). It is so simple that anyone can make it, even without a sewing machine.

Click here to watch video tutorial on our Youtube Channel.

The mask fits nicely on the face, even without nose wire. However, if you want to add one, just put it inside the top of the mask (inside the hem).

Now let’s try to make more masks. I am making and donate a dozen of them to the hospitals.

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Stay home, sew masks, save lives!