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What sewing supplies do I need to start sewing

With the shortage of medical mask these days, many readers ask me how to make a pleated medical style face mask with a home sewing machine and materials that they can buy online.

You can actually get the medical mask style materials from our shop here and make your own mask with a simple home sewing machine. The process is very simple and requires very basic sewing skills.

We made this video tutorial to show you how easy it is to make your own mask at home.

Below is how the face mask pattern look when you print it out. Just follow the steps in my video tutorial to sew your own face mask.

I can do it and I believe you can do it too!

medical style pleated mask diy pattern

Video tutorial: How to sew a pleated medical style face mask

Click here to watch on our Youtube Channel.

Materials for making your own masks can be found on our ETSY STORE.

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Video Tutorial