Amy Bat-wing Top Pattern

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This is yet another item in the September collection – I am so behind schedule with the Claire dress not done yet. Next month I will be even busier than this month, and I think I won’t have much time to invest in pattern making that I am addicted to.

OK, enough with whining. I am introducing the Amy bat-wing top pattern, which is initially sketched with the Sarah skirt.

What sewing supplies do I need to start sewing

And this is it in 3D simulation. I am really happy with the way it turns out to be in reality:

Do you think that this pattern is quite versatile? You can make it with thin or thick fabric, and the prints are all up to you!

Cutting instruction:

After taping down all the pages following the instruction, the pattern pieces will look like this:

Amy batwing top


There are 5 pattern pieces to be cut as follows:

A. Front – 1pcs

B. Back – 1pcs

C. Cuff – 2pcs

D. Front facing – 1pcs + Fusible interfacing – 1pcs

E. Back facing – 1pcs + Fusible interfacing – 1pcs

You can replace Front facing and Back facing with bias tape. I recommend you to use bias tape when you choose knit fabric, it will help you to get a more secure and flatter neckline.

Download this sewing pattern

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Sew Happy!


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