You need a mask? Whether you need a pre-made elegant and comfortable mask or you want to make your own mask, we have what you need.

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If you are a sewing enthusiast looking for a place to download free sewing patterns with high quality, you’ve come to the right place. We share high quality sewing patterns of various sizes to make your sewing projects easy, simple and fail-proof.

You might be wondering what makes our Free Sewing Patterns fail-proof and fit with your size. Yes, we design patterns using professional pattern software to simulate on 3D models based on the most recent data of body measurements. All our PDF Sewing Patterns are tried on 3D model before finishing to ensure the best fit. Now you won’t have to make them with muslin again and again to find the right cut – just let the computer do it! Saves time, money, and saves the earth, too!

Free Sewing Patterns - You Can Sew It. Yes, You!

You Can Sew It. Yes, You!


On this website, you will find various patterns for all kinds of clothing, including women’s wear, men’s wear and kid’s wear. We love making patterns for our families, so most of the designs are practical and easy to sew, even for beginners.

Take a look at our free sewing patterns! Follow our instructions and make it your own with some fashionable fabric. Don’t forget to tag your project with #YouCanSewItOfficial to show us your skills and for a chance to be featured on our website!

You Can Sew It Dress
Handmade gift
Quick & Easy


The best way to get things Done is to simply Begin. We were once sewing beginners like everyone else, and we feel that the best way to learn is to just pick a project, follow the instructions (such as our video tutorials) and start doing it when you can. You’ll be there soon 🙂


Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

Our Sewing Patterns are made for those who want to save time making their beautiful DIY sewing projects. And of course they are all FREE. Why don’t you pick one of our free patterns and start Sewing today!

New to sewing? Check out our sewing guide!


So nice to meet you! We’re so glad that you found this blog. Let us introduce ourself to you. Guess what? We’re sisters 🙂

TIANA – Pattern maker, Editor, Writer

Have you ever seen the tag “Made in Vietnam” on various pieces of garment you bought in stores? I was one of the professional pattern makers making these clothes! I left my job, moved to Canada in 2018 and started my career again as an indie pattern maker. I did not want to leave behind my favourite job, but I also did not want to be just another pattern maker who makes patterns for other’s designs anymore. I want to make patterns for my own designs! That is why I started a small store in Toronto and began making custom made clothing for my dear clients. During free time, what I love the most is to design and play around with patterns. I just love how they turn from flat sketches to beautiful 3D clothing. I hope you have a BLAST here. Happy Sewing!

GRACE – Designer, Editor, Writer

Hi! I’m Grace – the creator of this blog. I am a school guidance counsellor/self-taught “designer-to-be”. I love design, matching colours and shapes, creating websites and making beautiful patterns. I also love reading, dancing salsa, yoga, and especially SEWING. My sister Tiana and I share an inspiration of fashion design. Her professional patterns always make it so easy for me – a beginner to sew and create my own fashion style. So we sisters teamed up, and created this blog to share our DIY sewing inspiration with the world. We hope you will find our free sewing patterns helpful! Thanks for visiting our blog. Let’s be friends. 🙂